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Protein and Peptide Technologies

Protein and peptide functions, purification techniques and structural analysis


Pathways and General Biochemistry and Physiology

Biochemical and physiological pathways

Immunology and 

Immunoassay Technologies

Immunology, immunoassays, immuno-histochemistry and related technologies

Enymology and 

EnzymeKinetics Technologies

Enzymology, kinetics, active site analysis and enzyme inhibitors

Writing  Technologies

Writing papers, posters and grants


and Chromatography Technologies

Technical issues and solutions in using these important methodologies



RNA related technologies



DNA related technologies

Cell and Cancer  

Biology, Stem Cells and Cell Signalling Technologies

Normal and cancer cell biology, apoptosis, stem cells and cell signalling mechanisms

Cell and 

Tissueculture Technologies

Eucaryotic cell and tissue culture techniques


and Data Analysis

Bioinformatics, data analysis and graphing, statistics, programming and any related items where computing is employed

Bacterial, Viral and Yeast Technologies

Culture and use of these organisms in various biochemical techniques